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How do you convert things like converting make up or hair from a adult to an toddler?


Open the makeup package with the package editor (s3pe I think xD) select CAS than on the bottom grip, and on age make toddler and child true ;)

how do resized toddlers work? sorry if it seems like a dumb question, i just recently found out about them. :)


Not a dumb question ;) their is a height mod but I don’t have it and I cant find it ;^; I resize my toddlers by using omsp resizer 75%, you use the shit “moveobjects on” and move the toddler to it until u see it was effected ;) it can go up and down like omsp and it also has the same glitches :3

God I'm so sorry, I didn't mean horrible, I mean awesome sims. God my english is pretty bad D:


Its okay sweetie ;) english is my second language too so some of my mistakes are incredibly stupid and way WAY worse than yours ;) don’t worry with that xD and thank u again

My second name is maria ^_^


Aww :)) u lucky xD my second name is João a boys name xD

how the hell did you make your beautiful collage with all those pictures. (the one where we see it on mobile especially, the background)


First, Thank u :3! Second I made it with photoshop, I made a base black image the size of my computer screen (took a screenshot of it an painted it all black) opened one image, cropped it to a size between 5cmx5cm and 7x7 selected the whole picture with a tool that looks like a wand ( I forgot the name xD) ctrl+c than ctrl+v on the black picture selected again with the wand tool and because its a new layer it will only select that, free transform and than you can freely move it , when done click on the ✔️ (hope u are on ur phone to see the emoji xD the right symbol) and the image should be placed , I recommend flat your image :)

I just wanted you to know that you make AWFUL sims. I'm in love with them, specially with Angel and Bob!


Wait, What 0.0? Awful means horrible xD I will take this as a compliment , Thank u ;)

I want your name!!!!!


My real name is Maria xD I just “adopted” the name Mary because thats how you spell Maria in english XD thank u :3!€

how do you get the babies to have legs ? like in your pro pic , very confused


Resized toddlers ;) they arent in game new borns but their is a way of having newborns have legs, but I am on my phone xD

Teach me your ways!!!!! :D


Awww 💕💕💕💕( completely forgot I am on my phone xD!! Using emojis and all xD!!!!)

I am going now =( see you guys in a week, drivers lessons here I go again ;^;

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Mary I love the nose blush, the moles and the eyes you use on Angel. Could you tell us the link to download them?


One of her blush is base game =3 Contacts, blushes plus freckles, others : 1, 2  I answered everything I didn’t before =3 if you can’t find it on my wcif page please contact me and I will link it =3


I converted so much makeup for toddlers ;^;!!! hope now the twins will look really newborn and not just toddlers with reddish cheeks XD 

Mary, I'm stuck. I have some problems with my sims 3, maybe too much cc. And I actually see a lot of people is playing more sims 4. Should I leave sims 3 and buy sims 4? I need your help. P.S. sorry for my english.


If I was you, before leaving the sims 3 I would follow all of this tips and see if they work =3 woohoo-juice-simoleons pc help is a lot of helpful too ;) and before buying the sims 4 if you have no experience with teh game I would say try the torrent first, so you know if it is worth your money or not =) I am NOT saying use it and don’t buy it, it’s just for try out =3 

I gave Melissa a Makeover and I lost her ;^;!

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I've been having crashes in my sims 4, are you having those issues? I just want to make sure It's not just me :o


I had a crash once =) but I don’t know what the issue was =(